About Us

The worlds leading financial markets education provider.

About Us

Rivoltare was established with the sole purpose of giving ordinary people the opportunity to turn their dreams into reality. Click “learn” on the menu in order to learn more about the largest and most liquid market in the world ($5 trillion traded daily) that’s open 24 hours, five days a week. After visiting our “Learn to Trade Academy” you will realize that we also give you an opportunity to learn how to trade commodities, stock market indexes and shares (stocks). It doesn’t just end there, click on “signals” on the menu to find out how you can start profiting from the markets with no trading experience. Warren Buffet once said – “if you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” Once you’ve explored our Learn to Trade Academy and Signals, click “earn” to find out how you can start earning passive income that will afford you the financial freedom you’ve been searching for.

Our vision is to produce one million successful and consistent traders by 2030.

Let us help you acquire the skills you need to trade the markets successfully and finally attain financial freedom you desire

Chief Executive Officer

Sandile Innocent Shezi

Sandile Innocent Shezi began his journey of trading the financial markets in 2009 while he was studying at George Campbell Technical High School. Little did he know that at the age of 23 he would become South Africa’s youngest self made multi millionaire. Since then he has been trading full time and strategically involved in the growth of retail trading in Africa. In 2018, he founded Rivoltare Pty Ltd with the sole purpose of empowering citizens of the world to live fruitful and purposeful lives using his knowledge and experience. Avance Media listed him on the number 9 spot on the official ranking list of the top 100 most influential young people in South Africa in 2018.